Nomads of the Altai
Bayan-Olgii province in western Mongolia is home to a few hundred Kazakh nomads that still practice the tradition of eagle hunting
Altai Mountains, Mongolia
Sulphur Miners of Kawah Ijen
Mining an active volcano
Java, Indonesia
The Wakhan Valley
A remote valley that carves a natural border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Tajik and Afghan villages line either side with the Pamir and Hindu Kush mountain ranges providing an imposing backdrop, giving the sense that you are at the heart of Central Asia
Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan
Pushkar Camel Fair
Pushkar's annual camel fair, in Rajasthan India, lasts around four weeks and attracts camel herders from all over India
Rajasthan, India
Ladakh: Thiksey Gustor
Thiksey Gustor is a two day religious ceremony held by the Gelukpa (yellow hat) order of tibetan buddhism to celebrate the victory of Gods over Evil. During the 'Gustor', which translates to 'Sacrifice of the 29th date', the monks adorn masks to represent the guardians, protectors & gods and perform rhythmic dances. The winter festival draws crowds from the surrounding villages and monasteries.
Ladakh, India
Streets of Rajasthan
Walking around India all of your senses are overwhelmed by the street life - the noise... the smells... the sights. The ingenuity of the people seemingly making the most of space in order to live, work and socialise is truely astounding.
Rajasthan, India
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