As most of my travel involves a lot of local transport, hiking, walking and cycling, I like to keep my equipment to the minimum. Having a small kit also helps when heading off the usual trails where you often rely on hitching a ride and cramming into an already full jeep!

I rarely travel with a tripod (due to the weight), when I can I usually improvise using whatever is around me (e.g. rocks, tables, etc) and use a wired shutter release to take the shot although this is not always possible. The below list of gear already doubles the weight of the rest of my backpack so the tripod is often left at home unless I know i need it for a specific assignment.

Canon 5D MK III

Canon EF II 16-35mm f/2.8
Canon EF II 24-70mm f/2.8
UV Filter (B+H XS-Pro digital)

Polarising Filter (B+H XS-Pro digital)
Canon wired shutter release
Spare batteries