The 'Golden Beach' on the coast of India's Odisha province is known for it's golden sunsets and attracts pilgrims from all over India as they visit the Hindu site of Jagannatha Temple in Puri. For those that have traveled to Puri from inland the excitement of being buy the sea can be felt through the joyful atmosphere along the beach.

Locals, tourists and pilgrims play along the shore of Puri's golden beach
Camel rides are offered to paying customers
The beach bathed in the rays of a golden sunset
A child plays on a makeshift swing in his fishing village

Although you can find resort hotels, camel rides and bathing pilgrims, Puri's beach is also home to bustling fishing villages that appear to stretch all along the coast line. The fishermen and their communities never seem to stop working and no matter what time of day you are at the shore there are always boats arriving and leaving and traders vying for the best catch.

Once the boats are back at shore and under control the fishermen either tie their boats to a wheel that they can wind up to drag the boat to dry land, or, affix a wooden beam and lift the boat to safety. Either way it requires the work of 10-15 fishermen to move these heavy wooden boats.

Fisherman attaching his boat to the wheel
Fishermen turn the wheel with each full turn dragging the boat up the shore just a few centimeters 
Fishermen using a wooden beam to carry their boat to shore
Fishermen help each other to get their boats to dry land
It takes 13 fishermen to lift this boat to shore

With the boats back on dry land the fishermen turn their attention to negotiate the competing offers for their catch. Much of the fish caught is bought by the local communities and can be found in the street food and stalls around the town. The fishermen will even offer to cook their catch for you in the evening turning their homes into a spontaneous cafe for your enjoyment.

A fisherman navigating competing offers as soon as he is back on the shore
Bagging up and weighing the catch
Locals wait for the returning fishermen to buy a catch